Startup Weekend SCV 2016

Startup Weekend SCV is a unique opportunity for developers, designers, and business people to team up and build a startup in just 54 hours! This event that happens all over the world can help you get from zero to a new company by Sunday night!

The Basics of Reputation Management

For better or for worse your Google results are what people will think about you. Customers, potential clients, potential employees or employers are all Googling your name. Negative or non-existent search results can make or break your business. If you cringe when you search for your name online you need to fix it. You need reputation management.

Budget Friendly Development

More often than not, as a startup you don’t have piles of money laying around. Companies can charge an upwards of $15,000 for even just a basic App or website you aren’t sure you will like, or even know how to manage. If you are a startup here are a few places you can look for talented developers who will be able to help you begin development on a budget.