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Creating a Landing Page That Converts

Creating a Landing Page That Converts

We are going to look at a specific case study to talk about what makes a well designed high converting landing page. Below is the landing page I was tasked with redesigning with the goal of better signup conversions. 

This redesign was for Whiz Tutor - A platform for booking in-person tutoring sessions. 

Before Redesign

After Redesign 

Elements That Convert

Engaging Image 

The right image is the number one change you can make to make your homepage convert. People convert higher than anything else. I tend to hate stock photos and love iconography but it just doesn't convert the same way. Here's where good stock photos with people's faces can make all the difference in the world. People buy and trust faces more than anything else. If you have a product that shows well on camera make sure you feature it as big and clear as you can. 

Make Forms As Short As Possible

This project is not the best example of that. Ideally this form would be a simple "Log in with Facebook Link" - However, we were able to cut one of the input boxes. The shorter the form the better. If you can have it be a one-click account creation that's best. Make you users do as little as possible. 

Clear, Engaging Headers 

The Original header of "Create an Account" is clear but it doesn't sell the platform. You want short headers that are clear and concise. Stay away from things that are cute or pithy. Try to describe the product or offering as concisely as possible. Make sure all headers are written in title case. Title case converts better than anything else on every webpage I have built. 

Clarifying Sub-Headers

Use headers to draw people in and sub-headers to clarify the pitch. This redesign is a great example of that. Ideally though I would be describing more features / benefits. This redesign simply re-states the original header. It could probably use more tweaking. 

Social Proof

I updated the landing page to load a randomly selected positive review from the site's backend. Seeing these real, positive reviews from other users is social proof of the product. Ideally these reviews would be accompanied by a profile photo. However, this platform does not require students to have a profile photo so that wasn't an option in this case. If your product or platform allows you to have star ratings that's even better. Users expect to see star ratings and they are comforting. 


For some reason a simple well-laid out footer with an FAQ and contact information adds a sense of security and legitimacy for users. I think in some sense even though they may not be clicking through to the footer links they know they are there. Even still, if your users do navigate through your FAQ or other links that's a far better result than a user simply dropping off the site. Keep footers clean and simple. Don't put too many links. 

Bottom Line

Run through this checklist whenever you are doing a landing page design. Always be reassessing landing pages and AB testing to be tweaking and fine tuning conversions. I will talk more about A/B testing in future posts. If I missed anything let me know in the comments. 


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