Asses current workflows, technology and process. Find important places where time and energy are wasted, where work is repeated. 

Bring your office forward. Go paperless.

I have helped several companies adopt the right technologies to drop expensive and repetitive paper, all while maintaining transparency, accountability and accuracy. I have planned and implemented these transitions with ease and trained teams in the new systems. Purchase order tracking and approval, accounts receivable, accounts payable can all be streamlined into a paperless modern process. 

Spreadsheets can only do so much. 

If you find yourself editing and maintaining spreadsheets or PDF's as a regular part of workflow, or even editing a shared worksheet. There is a better way. I can help you find the right technology and systems that are simple and streamlined. Don't waste another penny or minute by using the wrong solution to your problem. Let's solve it right. 

Custom Database Solutions

Your data is essential to your operations. You need the right people to have access, you need entry and retrieval to be efficient and you need to be 100% sure you have your data secure and backed up. Sometimes the best tool for the job is a custom solution. Especially when you have a distributed team. A sales team filing reports to an administrative office, or a technician needing to document essential information to the office. I can provide custom solutions to issues like this to solve them in a streamlined simple system.