Measure Twice, Market Once. 

Define Market. 

Product-market fit. Who are your target customers? What need or desire are you fulfilling? What assumptions are you making? 

Competitor research. Know who your competitors supplier's are, what technologies they are using, pricing and what they are spending on marketing. 

Surveys and market research. Anonymous, targeted surveys to your desired target market. Get key insights into pricing and product to avoid wasting time and money.  

Refine Product.  

Product and offering. Brand and image.

With the key insights gained from defining the product and the market, we are better equipped to refine the product, pitch and message to better fall in line with the research. 

Plan Marketing.

Identify existing and new marketing channels that touch your target customers. 

Using data already gathered from Defining and Refining our product and target market we can begin to outline what channels best fit our desired customer base. 

Market & Measure.

Here is the key point:  Every single piece or marketing is validated through results so not a single dime is wasted. Marketing is continually refined against hard data, as long as everything trends up the cycle continues. When things start to fall we jump all the way back to step one. Defining market and walk all the way back through the process again. This ensures our product is always evolving with the market.