Professional Summary 

Out of college John entered the manufacturing industry. Starting as an expeditor in 2009 at Thibiant International. John’s responsibility was to find, predict and solve potential supply constrictions. He was quickly promoted to a purchasing agent. In his role as a purchasing agent he quoted costs and lead times for new manufacturing projects.

In 2010 he was poached by Neutraderm Inc. to manage the supply chain. He worked with overseas factories and suppliers, coordinated inventory and manufacturing timing, managed the supply chain, and he also handled the majority of hiring for the company. John cut costs and increased outputs. Working with the company’s database in SQL and visual basic he created innovative reports that automated much of new project validation. Timelines and costs that would take hours or research to calculate folded into automated reports. He also built out sharepoint systems to track orders, testing and quality control that streamlined operations. It was in writing these reports and building these systems that John found his true passion, software development. This passion pushed him so much that in 2013 that he decided to step down from his role as a supply chain manager.

He became office manager of Expert Pest Control, a less demanding role without a commute. He used this extra free time to pursue software development as much as possible. Since, John has been hard at work learning all he can about software development. He attended General Assembly’s Back End Web Development in Fall of 2014 and has become a competent jr. Ruby on Rails developer. He is currently still developing his skills through personal projects and seeking employment in the tech industry.