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Telemedicine Made Simple

Telemedicine Made Simple

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Step by Step

Getting to a doctor is incredibly simple and fast. Patient just needs to answer a few questions in a clean, simple interface. 


Fast and Smart Scheduling

Medical Providers can easily enter weekly availability in a straightforward calendar interface. 


Simplicity for All

Medical Providers have what they need right in the video chat. Patient history visit notes and more. 

Secure, Simple Authentication

The platform doesn't burden users with trying to remember a password. The system is simple and passwordless. The first time you use the site there is no reason to bother with setting up an account, it happens seamlessly in the background. When you come back, simply provide your email get a secure login code. 

User Enters Their Email No Password to Remember

The Platform Instantly Emails a One Time Use Code

The User Can Simply Enter This Code to Securely Log In

Redefining Medical Staffing

Redefining Medical Staffing