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I am a developer designer and photographer.

Veglo PNW

Veglo PNW

Veglo is a bike light that had a successful kickstarter launch in Europe and needed help bringing it to market in the United States. 

Lead and Market Research

After brainstorming potential markets it was decided that retail outlets were the best approach before going directly to consumers with the product. A custom database was intelligently created of potential leads from online databases of bike shops, motorcycle shops and specialty running stores. 

Landing Page

A simple but striking landing page was created to be a central hub for the Veglo sales team. Clearly and simply outlines the product and contact information. 

Custom email setup

Acquired domains and did all the configuration so that the team had a professional email address to work from instead of a basic gmail account. 

MailChimp setup

Configured and setup mailchimp with custom templates and email campaigns to begin an email marketing campaign. Tracked opens, clicks and replies so the sales team could follow up accordingly. 

CRM Setup

Setup and integrated a customer relationship management tool so that the sales team could track deals and conversations with potential leads. 

Targeted Direct Mail Marketing

Designed postcards for a campaign to the targeted leads to introduce the product and gain brand awareness. 

email Marketing

Set up a timed email campaign with custom content and templates to build credibility and awareness of the product. 





Custom Reporting System

Custom Reporting System