Simple Full Text Search in Rails

No gems, no dependencies, no complexity. Here’s a basic full text search to use on simpler, smaller rails apps.

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Companies seem to be completely blind to the insanity of the incentives they choose to track.


Refactoring Rails: Form Objects

Form objects let you work with many objects at once in rails. It's a pattern that's a lot more powerful and clean than accepts_nested_attributes.

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JavaScript Spread Operator

When dealing with many different objects in JavaScript, sometimes you need to compile them all down together. The spread operator is a handy function for this and more.

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Debugging AWS S3 for Rails Active Storage

It could be your CORS configuration for AWS S3 for Rails ActiveStorage

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Refactoring Rails: Use REST

Just some notes / key takeaways from the course "Refactoring Rails" by the great Ben Orenstein.

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Refactoring Rails: Callbacks

I've abused callbacks enough to know they have limits. This post is some summarized notes on the recommendations for using callbacks effectively.

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The best lessons I’ve learned from 2 years of executive coaching in a 5 minute read

I’ve been privileged to have been engaged with executive coaching for over 2 years now. It’s been absolutely transformative. I’ve taken meticulous notes in the last 2 years to really distill the key takeaways. I’ve distilled the highest leverage takeaways.

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